Hand made wooden puzzles, made in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA. Our puzzles are made of high quality birch wood, and offer unique interlocks and features to keep you intrigued, even in our smallest puzzles.


Our puzzles are individually crafted. And each piece of every puzzle is cut out by hand, making them unique and interlocking in creative ways.

Larger puzzles may feature an occasional figural piece, which is a specially cut shape.  Figurals can be any shape such as animals, people, letters, household items, or just about any object that is easily recognized by its silhouette. Figurals can reflect the theme of the puzzle or its new owner, or can just be a piece for fun. Some figurals can even be made up of multiple pieces.

The images on the puzzles are printed using archival quality pigment inks for long lasting brilliant colors, then permanently mounted to the high quality birch plywood with a UV protective finish, making your Lark Walk puzzle an heirloom to cherish.

Puzzle Themes

Every image is selected to inspire, and come in classical themes, as well as specific interests. We can also make custom puzzles based on your own special photographs.

Classic Themes
Classic Images

Special Interest - Knitting
Craft and Special Interest

Custom Image from your photo
Custom Puzzles using Your Photos


A New Hope

Here’s something new we’re working on. They are quite dusty at the moment. But they won’t be when they fulfill their purpose. Here’s a closer look. They are about half an inch high on quarter inch wood. We’re expanding to jewelry! (And anything else that we can come up with.) So I think these will …